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A close friend of the Italian graphologist has passed away: the Englishman who introduced Moretti to the English-speaking world

Lecturer at Westminster University in London, marketing expert, for decades a researcher and consultant. Despite not considering himself a true graphologist, he was a great believer in graphology. His interest was first sparked in 1981 when he attended the British Academy of Graphology. In 1987 he initiated a symposium for graphological research at Oxford. Nigel Bradley was the author of several books on graphology (including a dictionary), and over 30 articles. He also established a monthly factbook called Graphology Digest in 1994.

With a Master in Product Management and Marketing from Cranfield, Nigel started his career at the Burke Research Services group, after which he also worked as manager of a packaging-machine company in Italy. Invited to return to Burke Research Services as head of the international division, he later transferred to the multimedia department of Research Services Ltd.  as head of National Survey Readership, which later became IPSOS (now IPSOS MORI).

Bradley’s academic interests included green marketing, internet marketing, media research, graphology and territorial ‘de-marketing’, and he was extremely interested in the use of internet devices in marketing, such as translation software, questionnaire forms, analyses, auto-responders and email. All extremely useful tools on our websites-blogs today, including mine!

Nigel translated ‘Corpo umano dalla scrittura’ (The human body revealed through handwriting) by Moretti, and Torbidoni-Zanin’s theoretical-practical text, thanks to which the practice and terminology of Italian graphology entered the Anglo-Saxon world.

Nigel R. Bradley, a keen follower of Moretti, was also smart enough to create a “bridge” between the world of marketing and the world of graphology. That’s why, just a few days after his death, I am sending him my most profound gratitude!